How to Pick the Best Hair Color for Your Skin tone?

November 15, 2020 By sauleha choudhary 0

How to Pick the Best Hair Color for Your Skin tone?


How to Pick the Best Hair Color for Your Skin: Choosing the right hair color is not as simple as you think. If you book your appointment for hair color with your hair stylish then you should prepare the right hair color as per your skin tone.  Coloring your hair color is the great change for our style and it looks so pretty and amazing on your own look. If you come to pick a color you have so many choices and patterns.

How to Pick the Best Hair Color for Your Skin: If you see some women that carry a silver hair color and suddenly you think you want the same hair color as she has. but you don’t know this hair color looks pretty on you or not.  Picking a hair color is tricky because You carry it with yourself and it’s quite expensive. So better you learn how to pick the right hair color for your self-according to your skin tone. So better you should go with your skin tone. But how will you know which color is look good on yourself?


Here are some tips and tricks for picking the right hair color as per your skin tone.

1  The first thing is to determine what you have the undertone of your skin tone. It’s very important to understand your undertone’s so picked the right shades. If you have a yellowish skin tone, then you have warm skin.  skin is a pinkish tone, then you have cool skin.

  1. If you have a warm skin tone then you should pick warm hair color like blonde, strawberry blonde, brass brown, honey blonde, golden brown etc. and cool skin tone pick shades like ash grey, brown and so on.
  1. I have a bright skin tone then you should avoid to choose bright colors like blue and go for the darker one like red, caramel brown, neutral brown, etc.
  1. If you have a medium skin tone, then you should go on the warm shades like brown and ginger shades.
  1. If you have an olive skin tone, then you should go for the light brown or darker shades of blondes.

How to Pick the Best Hair Color for Your Skin: Sometimes the choosing a hair color is fully depending on your personality because you should carry your hair color with confidence if you are a then shy person don’t go for the bold hair color and if you are an extrovert person then you should go for all the shades.

 Today I will share the basic different hair colors that you choose from.

Natural hair color:

It’s shades of brown and burgundy and hair color highlights fall. Like actor Kareena Kapoor khan.


Then brown color is looking dull on the fashion industry so if you have cool skin tone then go for the mahogany and chestnut are the best hair color for you.


 Red hair color is the lots of shades so be careful in choosing the right color shades for you like copper-red.

List of hair color shades:

Coral copper


Mushroom brown

Pastel balayage

Shadow roots



Baby lights

Pops of gold

Chocolate rose

That’s it for this article I hope this article is very useful for those who want a new shade of their hair color and they change their look and look pretty as per the trend. So if any problem and confusion then just comment below on this article….

 Thank you….